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‘We’re all various shades of grey’
Sakàl Times
Monday, December 12, 2011 AT 08:14 PM (IST)

Actors Amit Purohit and Harsh Rajput spoke to Shalaka Nalawade about their upcoming film Alaap


Amit Purohit, who was last seen in the little-known film Pankh, seems happy with his role in Alaap. “I play a musician who forms a band and sends a message of love and peace through music,” he says. A Grasim Mr India finalist, Amit is trying to make his mark in Bollywood. Joining him in the movie is television actor Harsh Rajput from the historic series Dharti ka veer yoddha Prithviraj Chauhan.


The duo was in the city to judge an event at the intercollegiate cultural fest ‘Creõ 2011’ at FLAME. Ask them about their upcoming film and there’s no stopping them. “You see, our film has no villain at all. In real life, no one is entirely good or bad. We all are various shades of grey. So, we think there is some justification for their actions,” Harsh begins. If you are wondering what he is talking about, here’s the update — the movie touches upon the subject of Naxalism. “We want to put forth their point of view to the audience and see how the situation can be helped or if there is a solution to it,” he adds.

And the solution is? Amit offers an answer, “Music, of course. I agree many films have been made on the bad elements in society. But they are not that bad actually. Our producers, Abhishek Mishra and Nishant Tripathi, belong to Bhiwai, which falls in the Naxalite area. And they have encountered Naxalites. It sounds scary, but the truth is those guys only asked if Abhishek and Nishant were connected to the police. When they got ‘no’ for a reply, our producers were free to go.” Harsh also says that the film’s director — Manish Manikpuri has been to a Naxalite camp and sung songs for them, and “the story is woven around his experience.”


Amit explains further by saying, “The thing is, we are supporting bad elements in our society by simply not doing anything about them. My character too one day thinks he should bring about a change, and he gets his friends to help him. The film’s protagonists spread the message of peace through their music."


Since the film is based on music, “Agnee has come up with a fantastic music score for the film. The songs simply go in sync with the film’s subject and point of view,” says Harsh. Amit smiles in agreement, adding, “You need to see the film to understand what we are saying.”


And when is the film releasing? “Sometime in February,” he signs off.

We shall wait for it...  


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