Now, inclusiveness needed

Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji,

Firstly, I want to congratulate you and your Government on the first anniversary in office. Your government’s first year in office which started with an emphatic victory ushered the nation into the promise of a Modi-era of decisive leadership and visionary direction. However, resonating the sentiments and feedback from the people of the country, the visionary direction still requires much more to be done before it can translate into impactful and real action for the common man, true to its original vision of ensuring ‘sab ka saath, sab ka vikas’. It is important that the government, the Opposition and all the stakeholders work together to achieve this objective.

Several initiatives announced by your government can potentially revolutionise the country’s social and economic spheres. Initiatives such as “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” and “Make in India” are trying to galvanise one and all, irrespective of their socio-economic background, while also propelling brand-India on the global map.

“Make in India”, “Smart City” and “Skill India” can potentially create enormous economic benefits by giving a boost to the GDP, creating new jobs and attracting foreign direct investments. At the same time, “Jan Dhan Yojana” and “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” hold immense promise for social transformation.

We did an assessment of the progress and impact of these initiatives and promises. While it is true that a sense of pride and positive outlook was instilled among the citizens of India, however, despite the best efforts of your Government, the implementation and on-ground realities of the initiatives as “Namami Ganga”, “Smart City” and “Skill India” have been unable to match the rapid pace with which they were launched and expected to roll out.

Although you still have four more years till the next elections and I am hoping that the promises can be converted into reality, the current pace of progress is just not matching the expectations of either the people or the corporate sector. People today are expecting drastic changes from your Government, not incremental changes. The country needs ‘big and fast results’ which can be delivered in three to five years, if not, at least within 10 years.

I wouldn’t say that the current progress is not commendable at all, but another major fallout has been that the progress has failed to find alignment with the expectations of both, the people and the corporate sector.

As a responsible institution of the country, the Sakal Media Group is contributing in the transformation of this great nation, not just by being true to the values of journalism, but by also suggesting and helping implement a practical way of delivering this transformation on the ground. Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) is working along with all the stakeholders, including the Government and the Opposition towards achieving this objective in Maharashtra.

I believe your able guidance has set the Government rolling in the right direction. But I appeal to you to seriously consider the following two crucial steps which will help ensure achievement of your goals.

The first step would be to remove all hurdles associated with the lack of systematic on-ground implementation, which can only happen with a well-organised process of planning and performance management. Your programmes should involve all stakeholders including the decision makers, the implementation units, subject matter experts, corporate entities and most important, the people to develop detailed implementation plans with clear roles and performance indicators. This would trigger the ownership of the plan across various stakeholders to ensure seamless execution. With the ‘Water for All’ aimed at making Maharashtra drought-free, the DCF has exemplified how multiple stakeholders can participate actively to create a sustainable and implementable plan. Further, there should be a common performance management and monitoring mechanism across all implementation teams both at the centre and the state level.

The second critical step is to constantly communicate and connect with the people, updating them regularly with not just the vision, but also the roadmap we lay down and the progress on the same. Such a transparent system has not only helped progressive governments across the globe celebrate victories together, but also keep people’s faith intact even during tough times. The ability to mobilise the diverse sets of our population into action in a unified direction should be utilised. Pune Bus Day’ initiative is an example of how we can get diverse sets of people to rally in a unified manner in the right direction to bring about lasting transformation.

Transparency has the potential to translate such active participation in every sphere of nation building, and can single handedly create an unstoppable momentum of rapid progress.
The nation is counting on the four pillars of democracy - the legislature, the executive, the judiciary, and the media to deliver sustainable big fast results within five to 10 years. This is critical for achieving the dream of every citizen to transform India into a global torchbearer and act as a proponent of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, where peace, prosperity and friendship are delivered in parallel to investment, jobs and economic growth.

Whenever called upon, the Sakal Media Group and DCF will perform their duty to the nation and contribute in whichever way we can in helping transform societies and nations across the globe.

We look forward to continue working with you and hope that our global dreams become a reality.

Abhjiit Pawar
Managing Director,
Sakal Media Group