Training and Education
3 Good Things
  • The government is attempting to ensure that the funds allocated for the education reach the sector
  • The increasing emphasis on the education of girl child and the women The increasing emphasis on th
  • Setting up of high level committees to review and recommend new relevant and meaningful initiatives
3 Bad Things
  • The templates of higher education continues to remain the same . We continue to work with the same
  • The structure of education is caught with its affiliation to either UK or the US. We are still pre o
  • The purpose and meaning of education is to prepare the society , nation and the generations, present

Future Planning
The government is creating many new IIM s and many new IIT s. These do not have the same spirit nor the same dynamism of the ones started as the pioneering institutions. When one tries to replicate, it is never the same and rarely better. What is required is the space and the freedom to set up new institutions which will inspire and energize the individuals to be creative and innovative.

It is important for the government to encourage new institutions with initial funding, have regulatory bodies monitoring the quality and excellence . However, institutions need to be self governed, self sufficient and having the ability to generate resources . The importance is to build institutions which last and continuously evolve.

Generating employment with the focus on ' Make In India ' is taking a big leap of growth . This thrust needs to be supported by creating space and path for institutions which foster and create entrepreneurs. Just as IIMs created professional managers , new institutions need to create entrepreneurs who will then become professionals and manage their enterprises well . India has the heritage , the innate ability and the spirit of entrepreneurs.

Bureaucracy has a purpose and meaning and can play a directional and guiding role. However, the flow of regulatory requirements needs to be facilitating rather than controlling and inhibitive. The most important focus is to build excellent institutions which are sought after by students for their learning and growth.
Expert Comment
Indira Parikh
Former Dean, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmed
Higher education requires exponential growth in institutions of excellence where students have multiple institutions to choose from . Each institution strives fir higher level of values and excellence

They need to be diverse in nature and with many choices and sub choices. Higher education needs to create a learning environment where students learn perspectives on values , learning of life experiences , and governance off, institutions and the nation.

With this, the focus of learning is on experiential learning, meandering through streams of knowledge and wisdom of centuries, attitudes of learning process throughout life and skills which are renewable as and when necessary.

Renewal of learning process through experiences of life is equally an important aspect of higher education.