25 October 2016 | Last updated 11:59 PM

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‘Break the SP-BSP cycle’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday blamed the previous Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)...

Ratan Tata takes interim charge as Mistry sacked

AIR Pune gears up for mass Diwali messages to soldiers

Sena’s anti-BJP morcha may be the last straw for saffron tie-up

Revenge killing encouraged The people living in the Malabar region are drawn to folk songs and performances in the villages. These folk songs are full
I am told and have been informed and have been shown evidence that I am on the Exit Control List,” this one line tweet of a Pakistani journalist Cyril Almedia has shocked the world
Indians have to be really educated on how to use or not use social media.
The recent arrest of seven persons by the Nashik police cyber cell including the administrators of WhatsApp groups for spreading rumours in the city, after
Sandeep Boyat has a record collection of stamps of Bollywood actors, directors, producers, singers, musicians and musical instruments
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Rest of Maha
MUMBAI: The Maharashtra government has set up a task force headed by State Health Minister Deepak Sawant to recommend long term measures to eradicate malnutrition in tribal areas of Palghar district