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Registration only for CNG/LPG autos soon
Tuesday, February 23, 2010 AT 10:55 AM (IST)
Tags: RTO,   autorickshaw,   CNG,   LPG,   RTA,   MNGL

PUNE: Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Pune, in a communique issued on Monday,  has made it clear that new autorickshaws running on CNG or LPG will only be entitled for vehicle registration with effect from March 1.


Regional Transport Authority (RTA), in its meeting held in last month, had taken a decision in this regard with the view to reduce pollution in the city areas.


However, various autorickshaw organisations in the city have expressed strong oppose to this move citing lack of sufficient CNG supply in the city at present.


“We protest the RTA decision. There is no sufficient availability of CNG in the city at present. In such circumstances, how come the transport officials can even think of enforcing such decisions,” president of the Rickshaw Panchayat, Dr Baba Adhav told Sakaal Times.


He also accused transport officials for working in the favour of CNG retailers in the city and holding automen to ransom.


MNS offshoot Maharashtra Navnirman Rickshaw Sena has also criticised the decision, terming it as illogical.


“We are already facing  hardships while getting CNG for autorickshaws as there inadequate supply. There is no point in making it mandatory for new rickshaws to opt for CNG or LPG when there is already shortage of these fuels,” President of Rickshaw Sena, Mahesh Chaudhari reasoned.


Meanwhile, Regional Transport Officer, Chandrakant Kharatmal defended the RTA decision emphasising that  measures are on by MNGL  to ensure sufficient availability CNG in the city.


“Use of CNG or LPG as fuel is beneficial for rickshaw drivers being it is economical as well as for general public as it  reduces air pollution,” he said.

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