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Issues of women in drought-hit areas highlighted
Sakal Times | Monday, 20 May 2013 AT 12:55 PM IST
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Pune: A woman miscarried in the fourth month of pregnancy while carrying buckets of water to her village from a 3-km distance. Jowar, roti and toor dal is the only diet in some villages leading to severe acidity. Lack of hygiene during menstruation poses a major threat of infections. Volunteers participating in the ongoing study on 'Drought and health related issues of women in the drought affected areas' shared many such issues with Sakal Times on Saturday.

Aimed at understanding various problems of women living in drought-hit parts of Maharashtra, non-government organisation 'Samyak' initiated a study last month. Various organisations including Yuvak Kranti Dal (YKD), Swaroopvardhini and Centre for Health and Social Justice also joined hands with Samyak for the project.

City-based language trainer Kavita Swami participated in the survey carried out in six villages in Sangola taluka. “Women have to carry water from far away to their village. There is widespread unemployment.  Moreover, financial crisis is leading to internal disputes in families,” she said.
Women have to not only get water from long distances, they also have to arrange food for their family and fodder for animals. Consuming stale food and less water has led to anaemia. Menstruation is a tough period for these women as they have to bathe in the little available water.
Baliram Jethe, an activist from 'Kamdhenu Organisation', Tuljapur taluka, highlighted the issues due to migration of men.

“In many villages in Osmanabad district, there is load shedding during the day for a week, followed by load shedding at night the next week. It is difficult for women to fetch water at night. In absence of their husbands, they are single handedly taking care of families. Security is also of great concern for these women,” he said.

The study report will be ready by mid-June after the entire survey has been completed.


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29 April 2017
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