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Sohanlal Valmiki traced to UP village
Dnyanesh Chavan | Friday, 29 May 2015 AT 11:11 PM IST
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Parpa (Uttar Pradesh): Sohanlal Bhartha Valmiki, who sexually assaulted nurse Aruna Shanbaug and rendered her in a vegetative state, is presently staying in Uttar Pradesh with his two sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren.
Reporter Dnyanesh Chavan traced Valmiki to his current location and met him. Valmiki claims that he still suffers from the haunted memories.
When approached, Sohanlal said, “What can you ask me now, the story is over. I am just living the time I have left. I work as a daily wage labourer.” Sohanlal was traced to Parpa village in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh.
Sohanlal’s location was a mystery for the past many years. Sohanlal, who has now crossed the age of 60 years, has weak vision but still works as a daily wage labourer to earn Rs 4,000 per month. After the death of Shanbaug, Sohanlal now fears that he would be arrested for murder. Forty years years ago, he was not charged for rape. He was charged with attempt to murder and was convicted for a period of seven years. He has completed his jail term.
While speaking to the reporter, Sohanlal denied the charge of rape. “After the death of Shanbaug, everyone started talking about her rape. At that time the police had not registered a charge of rape and I did not rape her,” Sohanlal said.
He added that before the incident occurred, he had asked for a change in the duty timings but the doctors and other employees did not do so. He said that he remembers almost nothing that occurred four decades ago and preferred to remain silent.

How Sohanlal was traced
This reporter visited Bhoiwada police station, where the crime was registered and found out that Sohanlal used to stay in Dadupur village of Uttar Pradesh. After reaching Dadupur, the reporter met Sohanlal’s cousin Rampal Singh. Later, it came to light that Sohanlal presently resides at Parpa village. Sohanlal has a family of nine members. His wife was out of town to visit her brother. Sohanlal, along with his two sons Krishan and Ravinder, works as a daily wage labourer. He has a married daughter and one unmarried daughter and has two grandchildren.

VIKKI - Sunday, 31 May 2015 AT 12:15 PM IST
The present condition of Sohanlal speaks a lot about his suffering which is the result of his past heinous act and he deserve the same. By tracing this culprit Sakal Time has done a pukka task. But it is beyond my wit to understand, what purpose Sakal Times wants to serve by publishing photos of his Children in supplementary copy viz Saptarang of Sakal Newspaper dated 31 May. Does it mean that they should also suffer for the wrong act done by their father ? Can we call this a true journalism ?

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25 May 2017
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