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The circus in town
- Sakal Times
Sunday, 21 April 2013 - 11:15 PM IST

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The Rambo Circus, which is in town for a month-long stint, held its first show on Sunday afternoon. Around 150 highly trained professionals are a part of the troupe. There’s much to see and a lot of fun to be had at the circus this time around, especially for the young ’uns. Sakal Times went over to have a look...

Pune: With spectacular performances by Indian and foreign artistes, unique acts performed by animals and some stirring music to back it all up, the Rambo International Circus kicked off in the city on Sunday.

Around 150 experienced artistes from four countries — Columbia, South Africa, Nepal and India — are a part of the troupe. The circus is housed in 65-feet tall tent spread over 220-ft in diameter. The tent has been pitched at the SSPMS ground near the RTO. The circus will be in town for a month.

On Sunday, during the first show, the major crowd favourites turned out to be the amazing acrobatic performance by the artistes. Many a young spectator’s heart must have skipped a beat during the performance.

The circus has a whole bunch of performances including the flying trapeze, bounce ball, acts by contortionists, gliders, triple trapeze, rope balancing, cycling, human pyramids and hat juggling. There were also acts involving sword, shooting and horse riding.
The dog show was a particular favourite. The unique acts performed by six dogs delighted the kids most. The six clowns, who were part of the act and the jugglers, were also a huge hit with the children.

Next up were the gymnasts. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the sight of female gymnasts twisting their bodies into seemingly impossible positions.

The circus also featured acts involving animals. The team includes four elephants, two camels, eight horses and a pony. Their performances, managed by the trainers, were a delight to watch.

Partner of Rambo Circus Sujit Dilip said the circus will appeal to audiences of all age groups. “The fully air-conditioned, fire-resistant and ultraviolet ray proof tent, with a seating capacity of around 3,000, is the first-of-its-kind to be erected in Asia,” Dilip added.
The circus will hold three shows daily at 1 pm, 4 pm and 7 pm and the tickets will be sold for Rs 250, Rs 150, Rs 100 and Rs 50. The advance booking for Rs 250 tickets can be done from 9 am to 6 pm every day.

There are concessions available for group booking and children below three years will be allowed free entry.

Manval Antony

I have come from Columbia. I am working in Rambo Circus for the past seven months. I like to perform in India compared to other countries. I have travelled a lot but Pune is a good place to perform as I receive a good response here. Circus is all I like and will always enjoys performing here.

Shimshar Singh, gymnast

I am a gymnast and have come from Jammu and Kashmir. I am working in Rambo Circus for 18 years and it is fun to be a part of Rambo Circus. Pune has always welcomed us nicely and it is the best location to perform.

Noor Alam, mahout

I am a mahout and hail from Bihar. I am working as a mahout for the past 20 years and I like my job. I am associated with Rambo Circus since eight months. My relation with the elephant is good. Till date, I have never been injured by any elephant. It is difficult to train an elephant but I could do it naturally.

Saif Ali Bagwan, horse rider and a clown

I was 11 years old when I was brought to the circus by one of my uncles. Being 3.5 feet tall, everyone in my neighborhood used to tease me. On the contrary, everybody in the circus team treats me equally. Besides the employment, the circus life truly gave me a respectful life which helped to me to overcome my disability. Despite having performed in almost every part of the country, Pune is always special for me as I hail from Pimpri-Chinchwad. When I perform here, there are many known faces, I come across in spectators.

Sagar Gaikwad & Nirmal Keshi, clowns

I am from Parbhani. I joined the circus industry just a year ago as my parents are associated with it. I would have liked to do the same job which my parents are doing but I chose to play the character of a clown as I like to make people laugh. This is my first show in Pune and I am eager to perform before Puneites. The character of a clown is such that merely by looking at its appearance, people are delighted. I expect more and more kids will come to watch the circus in the coming days.

Nirmal Keshi, clown

I joined the circus industry nine months ago. One of my uncles, who belongs to the circus industry, brought me here. Being a Nepali, I face difficulty in speaking Hindi. However, I never face any trouble while entertaining the kids. There are very less jobs at our place while we get paid well here.

Amrita Bhattaray, gymnast

I also belong to Nepal and had no idea about gymnastics before joining the circus industry. For past eight years, I have been working in the circus industry. I got to learn many things like gymnastics and acrobatics. At first, I used to get nervous while performing acrobatics. But after years' of practice, I have managed to overcome all my fear.


Sanika Khilare, student of Dr Kalmadi Shamarao High School

This was my first visit to a circus. I enjoyed the show and the gymnastics. This is much more entertaining than the cartoons and the games as we get to see all things live here.

Parth Khilare, senior KG student at Children's Paradise School

I am watching circus for the first time and it is fun. I liked all jokers because they made me laugh. I also liked dog show and the elephant show.

Tanishka Kakde, student of Sinhgad Spring Dale School

I had never been to a circus before. I had merely watched the circus on TV. It was really fun coming here to see everything live. I liked the clowns and animals. Also, I enjoyed watching the stunts and the gymnasts.


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