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Manikrao Gavit holds the edge in Nandurbar
Sakal Times | Friday, 7 February 2014 AT 12:50 PM IST
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As the Lok Sabha elections approach, political parties are busy drumming up the election tempo in their favour. It is reported that these elections will be different from the previous ones. In Nandurbar constituency, however, barring the Congress, no other party has finalised its nominees.

Cong takes lead in suggesting his candidature, BJP yet to announce its candidate and is trying to ‘import’ a candidate from NCP

The Nandurbar Lok Sabha constituency is one of the most important in Maharashtra. For several years, the Congress has always launched its poll campaign from this constituency. The party's national level leaders, too, attend the public rallies held here. Considering the significance of this seat, the Congress has taken the lead in suggesting its candidate to party leaders in this constituency.

Nandurbar parliamentary seat is reserved for the Scheduled Castes (SC) category. The six assembly segments in this constituency are Nandurbar, Navapur, Shahada, Akkalkuwa, Shirpur and Sakri. Issues like inflation, unemployment, migration, development and drought will figure in the next Lok Sabha election in the district. Union Minister of State for Social Justice Manikrao Gavit of the Congress has been winning the Lok Sabha elections from this constituency since 1981. His party has once again suggested his candidature for the next Lok Sabha elections.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has not yet declared its candidate for the constituency. But the names of Dr Suhas Natawadkar, Dr Bharat Valvi and Dr Narendra Dalvi are being floated. The BJP is also trying to ‘import’ a formidable candidate from the Nationalist Congress Party and mainly from State minister Vijaykumar Gavit's family. But the chances of any member from the Gavit family, joining the BJP to contest the elections is slim.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has also entered this constituency. Locals have responded well to the enrollment drive of the party, but the question is whether AAP will get a good response in the rural Nandurbar constituency.


Nandurbar district, which is a backward area, is facing many problems. One of the main problems is unemployment. The common man is not happy with the local leaders who have not done much to bring industrial development and hence, help generate more employment.


Though the State government has provided reservations to women in local self-government bodies, they have little role in the decision-making process. Even facilities like electricity, water, road and health are not up to the mark in the district.


Manikrao Gavit has expedited the two-laning of the railway track during the past five years. He has also implemented various central government schemes in the constituency.


- Total voting: 7,66,249 (52.64%)

- Manikrao Gavit (Congress): 2,75,936 (36.01%)

- Sharad Gavit (Samajwadi Party): 2,35,093 (30.68%)

- Suhas Natawadkar (BJP): 1,95,987 (25.58%)


- Akkalkuva: KC Padvi (Congress)

- Shahada: Padmakar Valvi (Congress)

- Nandurbar: Vijaykumar Gavit (NCP)

- Navapur: Sharad Gavit (SP)

- Sakri: Yogendra Bhoye (Congress)

- Shirpur: Kashiram Pavara (Congress)


- Increase the speed of the project of two-laning of railway tracks

- A power network of should be created under the Rajiv Gandhi Electrification Scheme

- An assistance of Rs 150 crore should be granted for tourism development

- Rural settlements should be connected under the Prime Minister's Rural Road scheme

- Widening of the highway should be undertaken


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28 April 2017
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