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Get curious about this comedy
Violet Vaz | Wednesday, 28 January 2015 AT 09:30 PM IST
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Violet Vaz chats up director Deepak Morris and producer Subira Thomas about their engaging and amusing musical play ‘Who The Devil did it?’ which will be staged in the city on January 31.

Twenty odd youngsters take their positions on stage under the spotlight at Susie Sorabji Hall. The director calls the shot, and the confident young actors, armed with guns and sticks, start delivering their dialogues. What unfolds in the next two hours is a whole lot of suspense, drama, and comedy as the actors try to solve the case of a missing ‘Renoir’ painting. The question on everybody’s mind is: ‘Who The Devil Did it?’

Written by Carol Hill and Anna Heppner, the play — ‘Who The Devil Did it? — packs in all the action and fun. What’s more, it has live contemporary music.

Directed by city-based theatre enthusiast Deepak Morris and produced by Subira Thomas, Music Director at St Helena’s School, the play is being staged in association with the Society of St Helena’s School.

Speaking to Sakal Times prior to the show, Subira says, “This being my first play as a producer, I was looking for something different and fun. I went through many scripts before narrowing down to Who The Devil Did it?.”

The music, comedy and suspense in the script caught her attention. “I usually enjoy good suspense; it keeps me at the edge of my chair. I hope there are people who feel the same way and would come to watch this play,” adds Subira.  

The mystery climaxes in a rather comical manner.  Describing the play in three words, Deepak calls it a ‘Musical Whodunnit Comedy’. Talking about the cast, he says, “We have an interesting mix of youngsters. We have school children, college students and working professionals. Each of them is immensely passionate about theatre. Soaked with energy, they make a fun cast to work with.” Besides, four students from St Helana’s will be taking part in the live chorus for the play.

Another great thing about the play is that the funds raised through the donation passes will be used for a good cause. Speaking about it Deepak says, “Since most of us working in this play are from the education field, we decided to support something close to our hearts. The money raised will be donated to Emmanuel Public School in Kondhwa, under the CARE Foundation, which admits children of domestic workers, construction labourers and all those who can’t afford a normal school.”

Shivam Vig, a hotelier by profession, who is playing Johnny’s character in the play, says, “Theatre has always been a passion. Acting in this play is allowing me to fulfil this passion and is also giving me an opportunity to contribute for a cause.”

With a mystery to boot, Who The Devil Did It? also has witty dialogues and a catchy musical score that will appeal to both young and old.

Don’t miss the play.

ST Reader Service

The play: ‘Who The Devil Did It?’
Venue: Susie Sorabji Auditorium
St Helena’s School, Camp
Date & Time: January 31 at 7 pm
All the play proceeds will go to charity. For donation passes, call on 9130283305.

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29 April 2017
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