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I was always game for Marathi films: Shreyas Talpade
Debarati Palit Singh | Wednesday, 27 November 2013 AT 11:17 PM IST
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Actor Shreyas Talpade is back to producing films under his production house Affluence Movies Private Ltd. The actor who had acted and produced Sanai Choughad in 2008, is producing Poshter Boyj to be directed by Sameer Patil. When he visited the Sakal Times office on Wednesday, Shreyas explained the reason for the five year gap. “After Sanai...we did want to produce more films but thought that we shouldn’t hurry into things. There was also this perception that I was going to continue producing films and cut down on my work as an actor. So I thought, ‘Let me take a break of one and half years and then start looking at scripts’. But we didn’t really get good scripts. We got a few but things didn’t materialise,” he said.

But he was destined to produce Posther Boyj, he added  “Sameer and I met for something else. I casually told him that I was looking at producing a Marathi film and he said that he had a script. When he gave me a one-line narration on the phone, I really got hooked to the story and when Sameer gave me the full narration, I felt that this should be my second production,” said the actor.

“Poshter Boyj is about three friends and it is set in a village but we can say it is global. Any one can relate to it. It’s about something which we should take seriously but we don’t,” said director Sameer Patil who has also written the script and dialogues. “While anchoring a show, a news item caught my attention and I thought it had the potential to be developed into a good film. Then my friend Charudutt Bhagwat and I worked on it. We toyed with the idea of making it a black comedy but eventually decided that comedy best suited it,” said Patil without divulging the details of the plot.

Interestingly, Shreyas is not acting in the film. The cast includes Dilip Prabhavalkar, Hrishikesh Joshi, Aniket Vishwasrao, Pooja Sawant, Neha Joshi among others.

Lesle Lewis has been roped in for the first time to compose music in Marathi films for this film. Shreyas said Lesle had mentioned to him that he had interesting tunes which he wanted him to listen to. “When Poshter Boyj started taking shape, I recalled that and went to him. I was bowled over by what he made me listen to and decided to take him on board.”

Singer Bela Shende said it was amazing to work with Lesle and mentioned a song where she got to show her versatility because in one song, it had elements of romance, devotion and a lavni.

A host of Bollywood actors are showing an interest in producing Marathi films. This year started with Riteish Deshmukh’s Balak Palak, Akshay Kumar’s 72 Miles came some time ago and now Anil Kapoor is set to produce a film next year. Is it to do with the changing economics of the Marathi industry, we asked Shreyas. “Definitely the economics has changed. If a film like Duniyadaari makes 25 and 30 crores today, people see the potential in here. When big production houses get involved, there are possibilities to distribute the films overseas. Even if it’s for a week or two, people in the USA or UK watch the films in theatres. And they know that another film will be screened there the next week. The economics is also changing because producers are focussing on publicity and promotions now. Earlier, producers did not have that kind of money, so they couldn’t think about it. But now the marketing is planned before the film is made,” the actor said.

However he added that we should see to it that the youth starts patronising our films. “That’s when the revenue will start growing.”

Despite being a popular name in Marathi films, Shreyas has not done too many projects in the language. The actor defended himself saying. “Its a misconception. I never stayed away from Marathi films. After Iqbal, I did do a couple of films. I was always game for Marathi films. I started with Marathi and did not want to look like a traitor by leaving the industry. But I got similar roles with more money in Hindi films. To reach out to more people, I needed interesting subjects. I am getting them now, like Nikhil Mahajan’s Baji which I am doing next.”

But isn’t it true that most regional actors happily work in brainless entertainers in Bollywood but when it comes to regional cinema, they want good content? “Brainless entertainers is what people call the films but we do not look at it that way. For us it’s our bread and butter and we look at it very seriously. People say what was there in Chennai Express? If there was nothing then how did the film manage to earn 200 crores? There has to be some kind of content in every film, otherwise the film will not work,” he said.


jayant - Saturday, 30 November 2013 AT 12:38 PM IST
I'm happy that Marathi films r coming out with good stories. I love and watch them. Actors like Shreyas Talpade r doing Marathi movies, he should be seen a lot.

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