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‘We will create a revolution for the respect of women’
- Sakal Times
Friday, 1 February 2013 - 11:43 PM IST

Pune: Sakal Media Group, Managing Director, Abhijit Pawar said that the Pune Bus Day was successful only because it received an overwhelming response from the people.

If such support is attained to solve the problems and atrocities faced by women, we will create a revolution for the respect of women, he said.

He was speaking during the launch of Tanishka - Stree Prathishthan Abhiyan which is being initiated by Saam Marathi - the television channel of the Sakal Media Group on Thursday at the convocation hall of University of Mumbai in Mumbai.
The Sakal Media Group has created a different image for itself and has initiated several campaigns with the intention of doing something for the society.  The Sakal Media Group has continued this tradition for the past 80 years.
He said that Sakal has not worked only as a media house but has also provided a platform to solve problems faced by the common people.

Sakal is the platform for women

Abhijit Pawar, Managing Director of Sakal Media Group, tabled the following points during his speech at the launch of the Tanishka Stree Pratishtha Abhiyan. Some excerpts...

1 Support of the masses is required to make any campaign successful

2 Pune Bus Day was successful only because it had a strong support from the society

3 Pune Bus Day was not a campaign of Sakal but of the people of Pune

4 If one consistenly keeps tracking a campaign, it will definitely be successful

5 A platform has been created to give respect to women

6 If we get the support of women, it will not take long to transform the Stree Prathishtha Abhiyan  into a public movement
7 85,000 voting centres in the state can reach the five crore women of Maharashtra

8 Sakal Media Group has decided to launch 'Suraksha Band'

9 This campaign will start on March 8, the International Women's Day


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varsha dixit - Friday, 3 May 2013 - 11:29 AM IST
i am humble thanks full to you saam marathi because she is very important to part this girls and ladies life and hi giveing good plat from from girls and all ladies and i repat huble thanks to saam marathi and sakal times

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