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Entrepreneurs all
- Sakaal Times
Sunday, 31 March 2013 - 08:32 PM IST

The one-day conference organised by the Pune chapter of 'The Indus Entrepreneurs' (TIE) in Pune on Saturday was a big hit. Aspiring entrepreneurs were exposed to sound advice and inspirational talks presented by some very experienced entrepreneurs and business thinkers. If Devdutt Pattanaik, leadership coach and author, wooed the audiences with his gripping presentation on 'Business Sutra', Sakal Media group MD Abhijit Pawar struck an emotional chord, as he highlighted the many social projects undertaken by the group recently. IT icon Narayana Murthy was his usual confident self as he shared his own pearls of wisdom. The day-long conference had many other interesting speakers. Sakal Times presents the action

Narayana Murthy's pearls of wisdom

Infosys Technologies founder, Narayana Murthy shared the following gems with the audiences at Tie-Con 2013

¤ Whether you are running a company or the country, there can be only ONE SINGLE leader. One Boss.  
¤ While hiring manpower, create an exciting vision for the youth
¤ Companies should incur low capital investments
¤ Collect monies on time from customers
¤ A democratic set-up in a company avoids disasters
¤ The Super Rich must be philanthropic
¤ The government must cull out corruption to attract private investment
¤ Amid intense competition, entrepreneurs must take the road less travelled.

Devdutt Pattnaik, Chief Belief Officer, Future Group

Connecting Indian mythology with business, Pattnaik helped participants appreciate a very Indian  approach to management, business, governance, leadership and ethics. Here are some of his thoughts

¤ Myths are subjective truths expressed through stories, symbols and rituals. People can leverage the power of these truths in business, management and life.
¤ India is rising. What is India's offering to the leaders of the world? Potentially, the long ignored secret of how to stop chasing Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and make her chase you instead.
¤ You see the long history of our culture. It's cyclical. Whatever goes up has to come down and whatever comes down has to go up.


Three women,  Manju Bhatia, Shilpi Kapoor and Vadlamani Satyaramani stood out at the event. With company names like  Vasuli Recoveries and Barrier Break they had very interesting business stories to narrate

"Vasuli Recoveries: Vasuli is a professional, all-woman loan recovery enterprise. With 250 women recovery agents, the company is helping nationalised banks which are reeling under the burden of bad loans. We play an important role in pumping money back  into the economy to avoid a situation like Cyprus and some European Union nations which are going bankrupt, said Manju Bhatia, Joint Managing Director"

"Barrier Break: In an exemplary case of social entrepreneurship, Barrier Break has been making efforts to bring the physically disabled into the mainstream with help of technology. We have 70 per cent people who are physically disabled working for us, 50 per cent of whom are women, said Shilpi Kapoor, Founder Director"

"Pharma Marketing:  Vadlamani Satyaramani is a smart business woman who understands the essence of marketing pharma products globally. "Some time back there were very few women in the Pharma sector. However, the times are changing and we see more women entering the profession," Vadlamani said."

Model ST7 of Business

In his passionate presentation titled 'The story of dhobis and watchmen, delivering Maharashtra from boardroom to grassroots (and vice versa) with 'Model ST7', Abhijit Pawar, MD, Sakal Media Group explained to the audience how his group had recently designed the 'Sakal Trinity 7' (ST7) model of business.

¤ Pawar explained how the group identified a social cause or issue, presented it in an entertaining and interesting manner through its multiple media platforms, which in turn automatically created business opportunities for all stakeholders.

¤ He struck an emotional chord with the audience, when he listed out the example of the successful Pune Bus Day, the launch of the Tanishka Women's Dignity Forum and the 'Freedom from drought' campaign which had all been designed for the benefit of the people of Maharashtra.

¤ Pawar emphasised that every business opportunity undertaken by his company had to pass through the 7 mantras which are as follows

¤ Participation, consensus,  accountability, response, equitability, efficiency and legal compliance.


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