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Anand Modak passes away
- ST Correspondent
Friday, 23 May 2014 - 10:26 PM IST

PUNE: City-based Marathi music composer Anand Modak passed away following cardiac arrest on Friday. He was 63 and is survived by wife and two daughters.

Born in Akola, he came to Pune to pursue a career in music. He studied in SP College and started working with Bank of Maharashtra. But he was constantly driven by his passion for music.

He started his music career with Vijay Tendulkar's play 'Ghashiram Kotwal', assisting late music director Bhaskar Chandawarkar.

Modak was known for his experimentation in music. Marathi play 'Mahanirvan' was his first independent project as a composer. After that, he went on to compose for radio, television, plays and films. Some of his known works include films like 'Ek Hota Vidushak', 'Kalat Nakalat', 'Harishchandrachi Factory', 'Masala' and plays like 'Mahapoor', 'Kheliya', 'Raigadala Jeva Jag Yete'. He also did cinematography for Marathi film 'Naatigoti'.

He received the Maharashtra State Award for his music for films like 'Doghi', 'Mukta', 'Raosaheb', and 'Dhoosar'.

He was working on compositions based on a religious book recently


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