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Learn relevance of Mahabharat in modern times
Sakal Times | Sunday, 31 March 2013 AT 09:02 PM IST
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Three-day workshop organised by NGO Aranyavaak in city from April 5 to enhance understanding of the epic

Pune: Did you know that ‘sharapanjara’ or the bed of arrows on which Bhishma is supposed to have lain during the war in Mahabharat was actually a bed of grass (‘shara’ in Sanskrit also means grass)? Or that though Mahabharat is popularly known to be all about the ruling men of two warring families, the women could have actually played defining roles in shaping history?

These and many more such astonishing facts about the great epic will be revealed by Dr Sucheta Paranjape at a three-day workshop that will be held in the city next week.

“Much of what people know, comes from having seen it on television or having read novels based on it. They take this fictionalised version to be the gospel truth. Having read Vyaas’ original over and over again, when I was a part of Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute's Mahabharat project, I have developed a different perspective. I will share my understanding of the epic — minus the myths, the miracles and the deification,” the Sanskrit scholar and teacher said.

The workshop will cover different aspects of the epic over three days. While the construction of the text and the story of Mahabharat will be in focus on the first day, beliefs and myths surrounding the epic and women in Mahabharat will be covered on day two. The concluding day will have Dr Paranjape expound on the Bhagvad Gita and the influence of Mahabharat on society.

“Culturally and linguistically, we are still surrounded by references from Mahabharat. The epic runs in our blood, in our social life, we are just not aware of it. And unless you know your roots, how will you understand your present? I will delve into the relevance of Mahabharat in modern times at this workshop,” Dr Paranjape adds.

The workshop will be presented by Aranyavaak, an organisation that proffers value education through experiential learning in the field of natural history.

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25 May 2017
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