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Agriculture, a must in schools: Abhijit Pawar
Sakaal Times | Thursday, 21 March 2013 AT 10:47 PM IST
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Mumbai: For years, Maharashtra's education system has been segregated into distinct academic islands focusing on streams of basic curriculum followed by a choice between science, commerce or arts, but a policy to introduce agriculture as a subject is the need of the hour, stressed Managing Director of Sakal Media Group, Abhijit Pawar, on Thursday.

Speaking at the two-day 'Tanishka Women's Dignity Forum' workshops launched by Sakal’s Saam Marathi channel, a first-of-its-kind of initiative by any media house across India, in Mumbai, Pawar highlighted the need to create the much needed awareness to tackle drought and called for a revolution to protect the dignity of women in Maharashtra.

“My school never had agriculture as a subject. The time has come for a policy to be framed on introducing the upcoming generation to the basics of farming, irrigation and water-related projects. The topic needs to be introduced in the educational syllabus,” Pawar said, addressing over 3,000 women representatives on the first day of the workshop.

He added that, young minds need to establish their connect with problems like drought, water scarcity and low-rainfall which  repeatedly occur in Maharashtra.

“For the ensuing monsoon, the Sakal Media Group is drafting a water management model that will lead us towards sustainable development, for which an appeal for participation is being made to all. To end this problem, it is necessary to make the common man ‘water literate.’ Projects like rainwater harvesting will have to be implemented on a large scale in rural as well as urban areas, to conserve rainwater,” Pawar said.
Highlighting the recent triumph achieved by the Sakal Media Group through the ‘Pune Bus Day', Pawar claimed that dedicated efforts from all factions of society will see Maharashtra overcome drought and water-scarcity as well.

“Through 'Tanishka' and the support of all of you,  we can gather the will, courage and strength to solve the problems and atrocities faced by women, we will create a revolution for the respect of women,” Pawar said.

Sakal Media Group's Chief Editor Shriram Pawar explained the concept of the Tanishka Women's Dignity Forum. While entering its 81st year, Sakal has been focussing on certain subjects and issues affecting society. Sakal, has now attained a multimedia identity. “It has been experienced that every campaign gains importance with an appeal  made by the Sakal Media Group. Tanishka Women's Dignity Forum is a political forum with social relevance. And hence, this movement is spreading fast all over Maharashtra,” he said.

Vivek Kulkarni, general manager (public relations) Sakal Media Group, and Varsha Kulkarni, associate editor, gave details about the workshop.


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28 April 2017
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