12 February 2016 | Last updated 09:30 PM

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Scientists glimpse Einstein's gravitational waves

In a landmark discovery for physics and astronomy, scientists said today they have...

Cong wanted to implicate Modi in Ishrat Jahan case: Venkaiah

Headley videographed BARC; Mumbai airport, Naval station desired targets

Maha energy minister hints at hike in tariff

The case of yet another Indian origin Sikh citizen getting off-loaded from an aircraft in the western world has generated huge outrage on Internet and it’s the latest trending topic on social media
Monday saw a proud moment for Indian democracy and every netizen can be glad that after all the melodrama, good sense prevailed. We took a right step towards net neutrality
While India’s Navy is exhibiting its prowess at an International Fleet Review event off the coast of Vizag in the bay of Bengal, details have come from
Picture of the blaze at the Deonar dumping ground which was photographed by a passing satellite and released by NASA It is said that emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned
During her recent Sakal Times visit, Sonam Kapoor, who likes to speak her mind, talks about playing Neerja, Hollywood and how she’s proud being Anil Kapoor’s daughter
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